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Installing meditation widget to your website or blog is very easy. Just select your theme, grab the code and put it on your website. Below are the detailed instructions –




All parameters are configured in the wizard above or manually in this part of the javascript (advanced users only)

meditation_variable.theme = ‘dark’;
meditation_variable.users = [comma delimited list of user Id’s];
meditation_variable.pic = ‘XYZ.png’; //from our list images to use
meditation_variables.ver = ‘1.0’; //Version to make sure we don’t break old your widget as we upgrade and you do not.

1 – How to show or don’t show other sponsor’s events?

Select the checkboxes next to the users of the events that you want to show. If this paramater is not chosen, all events will be shown.

2 – Do I have to use ver=xx paramater? Yes, in order to prevent breakage in the future as we make updates, yes you should.

Mark what version you are using of the paramater ver=xx, at this moment the latest version is ver=1.

3 – How to resize widget?

At this time you can’t but we will have those parameters soon.


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