Be Part of the Largest Synchronized Group Meditation Project in the World

The Crime Reduction Project

Imagine Thousands of people across the globe all meditating at the same time for a positive impact.

meditation-small Everyone holding the intention of reducing crime in a particular city. Imagine all the suffering you could prevent, or lives you could impact positively with just ONE Less Murder!

Its been proven with many studies that holding an intention can make a positive difference. Couple that with the synergistic effect of thousands doing it at the same time, and you a powerful medium for change! This concept has been proven before, but many years ago, called the Maharishi Effect.

To track our progress, we have found some UP TO DATE date crime statistics. If we meditate today on “reducing crime in Detroit”, than in one week, we can analyze crime statistics to see if any changes have taken place!

We will be meditating once or twice a month, probably on Sunday mornings or evenings so please watch out for reminders on Saturday. Its a meditation you do alone for about 10 to 15 minutes, that is it. At the same time you will enjoy all the health benefits and stress-reduction that occurs during meditation!

Join us in this incredible study on crime reduction & make a difference! Just subscribe below for date and meditation details.

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