Unite1’s purpose is to get the word out about the positive group meditations that occur all over the planet. Our goal is to leverage a “universal widget” that centralizes meditation events by publishing LIVE updates in a small boxed area on host websites around the globe about various group meditations that exits.

Each mediation planner has he ability to broadcast there event only or all the group meditations that exist. Imagine one widget that can go on other people’s websites that allows a person to see when the exact time in THEIR time zone of an event (mediation) and future upcoming ones.




Each Meditation Planner may have an intention in mind, but ultimately I would like to have a specific intention put forth that focuses on reducing crime in a specific city.

I am researching a way to effectively track our results of possible crime reduction changes within a week!

Just imagine if we can reduce crime in one city by 10%, that could be 10 less murders, 20 less assaults, 30 less break ins.

Given the scope of pain felt by all family members, you  are really preventing trauma and effecting hundreds of people for possibly the rest of their lives.



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